RC chargers

You need the right charging device to charge RC batteries. You can get RC battery chargers for NiMH, LiPo, LiFe and lead batteries as well as other accumulator types. When it comes to buying RC battery chargers, there are a variety to choose from: single RC chargers for single batteries and universal RC chargers to charge multiple batteries at once. You just need to make sure the universal charger supports the RC battery type and the number of cells. Basic RC battery chargers can only charge one battery, while the better RC battery chargers offer other features and more information about the batteries via an inbuilt display. 

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    LiPo socket charger 8.4V 500mA
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    Futaba LiPo socket charger 8.4V 500mA
    Ladegerät LBC-35D Li-Fe T16SZ/T18SZ
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    Futaba Ladegerät LBC-35D Li-Fe T16SZ/T18SZ
    Ladegerät AC  2S LiPo 1000mA FX Serie
    Futaba Ladegerät AC 2S LiPo 1000mA FX Serie