Writing pens come in a variety of styles, colours and sizes to suit different needs and preferences. Filter through our range and find the pen that suits your needs.

pens are probably the most commonly used pens. They use a ball tip to put a thicker ink on the paper. Ballpoint pens are usually very user-friendly and reliable as they do not leak and have a constant flow of ink.

Fountain pens are one of the oldest writing instruments and use an ink cartridge or ink converter to apply ink to paper.
Fountain pens have a metal tip, often made of gold or stainless steel, and require a special writing technique. Fountain pens can produce very elegant and stylish handwriting, but often require a higher investment and maintenance.

The fineliner is a writing pen with a very fine tip, usually used with water-based ink or India ink. Fineliners are available in different line widths but generally produce a very fine line. They are suitable for writing jobs where very clean and legible writing is required. Fineliners are available in many different colours and can also come in sets of different colours. Compared to other writing pens such as ballpoint pens or fountain pens, fineliners can dry out more quickly if they are not sealed properly. Therefore, it is important that they are stored properly to preserve the life of the tip and the quality of the ink.