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With the right lamp, such as a pendant lamp or also called a pendant light or hanging lamp, everything stands and falls. It puts the icing on the cake in every room during the day and in the evening. From lush chandeliers, functional spots and spotlights to minimalist lamps, you will find a selection of lamps for indoor and outdoor use in our shop, which will immerse your four walls in light and set accents. Especially in the dining room, a pendant light above the table is really something to look at and makes your guests' eyes shine. With a luminaire that is dimmable and provides both direct and indirect light, you can create a good mood and a cosy atmosphere individually or in a group. Pendant lamps also cut a good figure above a kitchenette, in a sitting area, in a studio or study. To ensure that they always hang properly, there are height-adjustable models. Once you have decided on the location, you need to think about the best solution for the lowest possible power consumption. We have pendant lamps with a bulb, energy saving lamp and LED to fit the socket. Even though lamps primarily serve to illuminate rooms, their design should of course also match the interior. From retro, Nordic, bohemian, industrial to romantic - you will find what you are looking for here. Modern lampshades made of glass or metal also sparkle during the day and reflect incident light. Holiday homes, for example, have colourful, woven, Mediterranean or oriental lamps to create the right holiday mood. Outside lights hanging in the greenery or on the pergola also create atmosphere in the garden and make mild summer nights even more beautiful. No matter where they hang, pendants are the secret jewels and the irreplaceable eye-catcher in your home. 

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