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Studio monitors are loudspeakers specifically designed for audio production applications such as recording studios, filmmaking, television studios and radio studios where accurate audio reproduction is crucial. Whereas reference monitors refer to loudspeakers generally used to gage what a recording will sound like on consumer-grade speakers. 

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PreSonus - Eris E3.5 (active, 2 x 25W, Pair, Black)

Mackie - CR4 (active, Pair, Black)

PreSonus - Eris E4.5 (active, 2 x 25W, Pair, Black)

IK Multimedia - iLoud Micro Monitor (active, Pair, Black)

KRK - Rokit RP5 G4 (active, 55W, 1 pc., Black)

KRK - Rokit RP7 G4 (active, 145W, 1 pc., White)

Mackie - CR3 (active, Pair, Black)

KRK - Rokit RP8 G4 (active, 1 pc., White)

IK Multimedia - Studio monitor iLoud MTM Black (active, 1 pc., Black)

FOCAL - Shape 65 (active, 1 pc., Brown)

PreSonus - Eris E5 (active, 80W, 1 pc., Black)

Hercules DJ - DJ Monitor 5 (active, Pair, Black)

ADAM - T5V (active, 1 pc., Black)

Audioengine - A5+ (active, 2 x 50W, Pair, White)

JBL Professional - JBL LSR 305P MkII (active, 1 pc., Black)