Mobile subscriptions + SIM cards

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Mobile subscriptions + SIM cards

Are you looking for the right cell phone subscription? Our digitec connect mobile subscription is equally attractive for frequent and infrequent users, because you only pay for as much as you need. For a maximum of 49.- per month you benefit from unlimited national data. With the Family + Friends Option, five of you can surf unlimited in Switzerland for just 25.- per month. In addition, 1 GB roaming in the EU/USA is included in the basic fee, as well as unlimited telephony and SMS/MMS in Switzerland. We also have the right mobile subscription offer for our business customers with digitec connect for corporate customers.

In addition to the digitec mobile subscription, you can also take out subscriptions with the other providers Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt, UPC, Wingo and MBudget. You can find them in the subscription configuration when you select a smartphone.
1. select your desired cell phone in our store. The mobile subscriptions of the external providers can only be concluded with a device.
2. go to "buy this product with subscription". The button is located on the desktop view on the right under the daily offer, on the mobile view under the cell phone picture.
Do you want to change your current provider or get a new number? Then select "With a new contract" - otherwise "With a contract extension".
4. are you interested in a youth offer? Then select "Youth" in the next step - otherwise "Private customer" or "Business". Go to your favorite provider and select the desired subscription incl. contract duration. Save your choice at the bottom of the page. 5.
Log in to your customer account and fill in the required information.

You are only interested in data packages or roaming data and do not want a mobile subscription? With us you can buy the appropriate prepaid SIM card, without any contract.
With digitec iot we offer 356 days valid data packages or monthly unlimited data SIM cards. Our data packages can be used for IoT (Internet of Things) devices as well as for your smartphone or tablet if you can do without phone calls and SMS. The possibilities are almost unlimited, be it for your smarthome or unlimited surfing with a mobile router. There are also already very interesting IoT solutions for companies.
Or buy your Qynamic roaming data packages before your vacations and you don't have to worry about anything, no more high roaming costs on your cell phone bill. You check in which zone your destination is located and buy the corresponding data package.

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