Microphone windshield

With a windscreen for the microphone, disturbing wind noise can be reliably eliminated or reduced to a minimum. A primary distinction is made between windscreens made of fur and those made of foam.

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RØDE - Minifur-Lav (Skins)

RØDE - WS9 (Skins)

Omnitronic - UHF-100 (Foam material)

RØDE - BLIMP (rejection)

RØDE - Dead Cat GO (Skins)

Samson - WS5E (Foam material)

RØDE - WS6 (Skins)

Saramonic - M3-WS (Skins)

AKG Pro - W77 M (rejection)

RØDE - DeadCat VMPR (Skins)

RØDE - Dead Wombat (Skins)

RØDE - The Dead Kittens (Skins)

RØDE - Dead Cat (Skins)

Rycote - Lavalier Foams (Foam material)

Shure - AMVL-WS (Foam material)