Hazard detectors

Hazard detectors warn of typical hazards in the home or office buildings. There are hazard detectors for fire, water, gas, carbon monoxide or heat. They alert you to dangers in everyday life and can save lives or prevent major damage.

As the name suggests, smoke detectors warn of smoke and fire. If not discovered early enough, fire can cause serious physical and emotional damage. A fire can be life-threatening for humans and animals. An early warning system is crucial if action is to be taken in good time. Fire alarms are available with acoustic or visual signals as well as in smart versions, which send additional alerts to a tablet or mobile phone. Smoke detectors usually run on batteries and are therefore easy to install anywhere.

Water detectors warn of flooding or water damage at an early stage. Whether it's a flooding in your cellar caused by storms, an overflowing bathtub or a broken pipe – a water detector can warn you of water damage early enough to prevent costly damage.

Heat detectors react to heat instead of smoke and therefore detect possible sources of fire at an early stage. They are mostly used in rooms where fumes or steam are produced and a smoke detector therefore doesn't work. This is why heat detectors are especially suitable for kitchens or bathrooms. In addition, there are heat detectors such as Firemole, which warn of overheating and hence the possibility of electronic equipment catching fire.

Gas detectors warn of leaking explosive gases and are used primarily in camper vans and in apartments with a gas stove. A gas detector gives warning signals and alarms in the case of leaking gases – an incidence with potentially fatal consequences.
Gas detectors are not to be confused with carbon monoxide detectors (CO detectors). Carbon monoxide is a poisonous but non-flammable gas that's produced by fire. As it is odourless and invisible, it usually goes unnoticed without a detector and leads to suffocation. Carbon monoxide can also occur in apartments and houses due to defective gas heaters or a clogged chimney.

We offer a wide range of hazard detectors by Ei Electronics, Netatmo, Bosch, Eve, Abus, HomeMatic, smanos and many other brands.

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