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    These games didn't survive the battle royale hype

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    "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom": New gameplay and new Nintendo Switch design unveiled

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Game consoles

Our shop offers all the most popular gaming consoles. From Sony to Microsoft to Nintendo, we offer everything to make a gamer’s heart beat faster – including special cases like retro consoles from Thumbs Up or arcade game machines.

The big question is: which ecosystem suits you best? Do you often play with your family and are really into Super Mario, Animal Crossing and the like? If so, you certainly can’t go wrong with Nintendo: the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED are perfect for older fans, the Nintendo Switch Lite for the younger ones, and the Nintendo Classic Mini for those wanting to go on a trip down memory lane.

Are you into raw gaming power and want the highest performance the console market has to offer? Then there’s no way around the Microsoft Xbox Series X. Not quite as demanding, but love the Microsoft-exclusive titles? Then the smallest Xbox ever, the Xbox Series S, may be the perfect fit for you overall.

Or do you prefer the Sony-exclusive titles and are convinced by the most popular game console in Switzerland? In this case, the PlayStation 5 or the PlayStation 5 Digital is the right console for you. You can look forward to super-fast charging, 3D audio technology, and much more.