A dictation machine is a sound recording device most commonly used to record speech for later playback or to be typed into print. It includes digital voice recorders and tape recorders.

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Philips - DVT4010 Voice Tracer (8GB, Silver)

Olympus - DS-2600 (2GB, Black)

Philips - Pocket Memo 388 (0GB, Black)

Sony - ICD-TX650 (16GB, Black)

Philips - LFH3500 SpeechMike III Pro Premium Integrator (Black)

Philips - DVT1150 Voice Tracer (4GB, Black)

Philips - DPM8300 Pocket Memo Integrator [ohne Software, Schiebeschalter] (Aluminium)

Philips - SpeechMike Premium Air SMP4000 (White, Black, Grey, Silver)

Philips - DVT2710 Voice Tracer (8GB, Black)

Olympus - WS-852 (4GB, Silver)

Olympus - WS-853 (8GB, Black)

Philips - DVT1200 Voice Tracer (4GB, Silver)

Philips - DPM8000 Pocket Memo [inkl. Software, internationaler Schiebeschalter] (4GB, Aluminium)

Philips - DVT8010 Voice Tracer (8GB, Radio, Silver)

Philips - LFH3200 SpeechMike III Pro Integrator (4.50GB, Black, Grey)

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