Development boards + Kits

Development boards are small single-board computers, with which you can execute simple but also more complicated programs and instructions. The best known so-called development board is the Raspberry Pi, the latest generation Raspberry Pi 4 is available in three different memory sizes: 1GB, 2GB or 4GB.
Such a small single-board computer can be used for automated processes such as home automation, or as a console such as here:

Or even as a stand-alone computer. There are of course also less powerful boards than the Raspberry Pi, such as the Arduino. This computer can be used for both simple and complicated codes. These codes (for example C++) can be loaded onto the Arduinos and from there they run in a loop until the device is switched off. Such programs can be, for example, a motion sensor with reaction, or an acoustically controlled circuit. More sophisticated programs can then be installed on the Raspberry Pi. Even Linux operating systems can be used. The application possibilities of development boards such as the Arduino, the Raspberry Pi, or the LattePanda are almost unlimited.

Our kits provide an easy start into the life of the single board computer:|2960-18779:345350|2960-18779:299081

An increasingly popular topic is Internet of Things, which includes the automation of devices and homes. Such communication is also made possible by small computers: Of course, such computers offer many possibilities for expansion and modification of a Raspberry Pi or Arduino, for almost any purpose. These can also be found with us. This allows the boards to be extended with functions such as displays, WLAN, infrared, etc. We also offer soldering equipment, measuring instruments and other accessories for all kinds of different projects.

We have development boards of the brands: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, LattePanda, Velleman, Beagleboard, Banana Pi, BBC, Adafruit, Hyperion, Pimoroni, Sparkfun in interesting starter sets with compatible accessories.