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Car batteries

People often think of you first when the car, motorcycle or truck does not start. The car battery. It usually provides the energy needed to start the vehicle or, in more modern cars, supplies a variety of electrical consumers such as comfort elements or safety systems. Once the battery is discharged and cannot be recharged with a battery charger, the vehicle battery has probably reached its service life and must be replaced.
To help you find the right vehicle battery, you can filter by the most important properties in our online shop. In addition to the brands such as Varta, Bosch, Exide and Co. you can also filter the required voltage, the battery capacity or the battery technology. In particular, we have the following three technologies in our shop:

Lead-acid battery
The conventional lead acid battery is a good compromise between reliability, robustness and price. It is a good choice for cars without start-stop system.

Enhanced Flooded Battery
The EFB battery has reinforced lead accumulators and therefore has a higher starting current than conventional lead accumulators and is suitable for cars with simpler start-stop systems without recuperation technology, because the more frequent starting processes require more energy.

AGM battery (Absorbent Glass Mat)
The AGM battery was developed in response to the increased demands of modern cars. It is often used in conjunction with start-stop systems with recuperation technology.