EV chargers

If you are considering buying a charging solution for your electric car or plug-in hybrid at home (wallbox), a mobile charging station for on the road or even a combination online, you have to make some clarifications in advance and take technical conditions into consideration.

The output power (described in kW or W) measures the charging power. Basically, the higher the load, the faster it can be loaded. However, it must first be checked whether the available power grid can also provide the power. A charging station operated with 230V alternating voltage (AC) is less powerful than a charging station operated with three-phase 400V three-phase current. The advantage of alternating current (AC) is that it is available at every socket at home.
Charge power (3.68kW) = phases (1) * current (16A) * voltage (230V)
If you have a three-phase three-phase connection (high voltage connection), you can achieve a higher charging capacity and thus a faster charging time.
Charging power (22kW) = Phases (3) * Current (32A) * Voltage (230V)
It is important to check in advance with your local electrical expert or network operator which loads are permissible, as such charging stations can lead to unbalanced loads in the electricity network.

The charging time can be easily calculated. If, for example, you have a Tesla Model 3 with a battery capacity of 75 kWh and a maximum charging power of 11kW specified by the model, the charging time is approx. 7 hours. If you charge the same model at a normal household connection with a charging capacity of 3.68kW, a full charge can take up to 20 hours.

The charging plug for the electric car is another car-specific condition that must be taken into account when purchasing an electric car charging station. On the one hand there is the type 1 connector, which is only single-phase and has a maximum charging power of 7.4kW. This type is often used in cars from North America or Asia. On the other hand, there is the widely used Type 2 connector, which can run in three phases and has a maximum charging capacity of 22kW. These connectors are used on the Tesla Model S, BMW i3 or Audi e-tron.

The best-selling brands include solutions from Swiss manufacturers Juice Technologies and Green Motion. When installing charging stations, it is advisable to first clarify the matter with the property owners and an electrician.