Looking for a calendar or agenda for 2020? Our range includes a wide selection of agendas and calendars for the coming year. From school calendars to standing desk calendars, wall calendars and agendas of various sizes, you'll find everything you need. Leading brands for calendars are Simplex and Biella. For agendas, we have products with daily planners or school agendas. Our leading brands for your 2020 agenda are Moleskin and Biella. The colourful calendars by the popular brand Leuchtturm add colour to your planners. 

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Moleskine - Notizkalender (special, weekly summary, soft cover)

Simplex - Annual planner 2020 40375.2 A2 (special, monthly overview)

Biella - Registra plus 2020 1T/S bk 0809310.0 d/f/i/e 14,5x20,5cm (special, day summary, hardcover)

Biella - Agenda (special, weekly summary, hardcover)

Biella - Compact 2020 1W/1S blue 0807370.0 d/f/i, 15x24cm (special, weekly summary, hardcover)

Brepols - Bremax 1 Santex Kul. 0011345 (A4, day summary, hardcover)

Simplex - Weekday 2020 40125.2 148x208mm,blue,1T/2S (special, weekly summary, soft cover)

Moleskine - Notizkalender, Hardcover, Weekly (special, weekly summary, hardcover)

- Systemplaner 2019 (A5)

Marjolein Delhaas - Classic Planner (A5, weekly summary, soft cover)

Biella - Orario 2020 1W/2S blue 0809301.0 d/f/i/e, 17,8x23,5cm (special, weekly summary, hardcover)

Biella - Business agenda Quarta 2020 0803417.0 black A4, 3½ T/1S, Wiro-O (special, weekly summary, soft cover)

Biella - Manager 2020 1T/S black 0806511.0 d/f/i/e, 14,5x20,5cm (special, day summary, hardcover)

Q-Connect - weekly planner (special, weekly summary)

Moleskine - Smart Calendar XL HC 25x19cm 603036 12 mt. black, 176 pages2020 (special, weekly summary, hardcover)

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