We offer a wide range of different illuminants for all sockets: Light bulb, LED lamp, filament bulb, fluorescent lamp, spotlight, pin-base lamp and rod lamp.

When purchasing, it is important to pay attention
to the different lamp sockets. Whether E14, E27, G13, GU10 or others, with our filters you will quickly find the right socket.

The shape of the housing can also be determined by our filters.

When buying light bulbs or LED lamps, still often referred to as light bulbs in colloquial language, we recommend that, in addition to the colour and wattage (watts), you should first and foremost pay attention to the energy efficiency class and service life: LED lamps are by far the leader in terms of energy efficiency and service life. They are manufactured with different sockets, for example with screw and plug-in bases, so they can be used instead of light bulbs and halogen lamps. The power savings and the long service life of LEDs (20,000 - 50,000 h) are good for the environment and your wallet.

Energy-saving lamps have better energy efficiency than conventional light bulbs and halogen lamps. However, they contain poisonous mercury, which can escape in the event of damage.

For desk and bedside lamps we recommend low-voltage halogen lamps or dimmable LED lamps because of their light colour.

The models from Philips Hue, Osram, Xiaomi, Eglo Connect, Lifx, Innr, TP-Link, Nanoleaf, LEDVANCE, Paulmann and Logilink offer intelligent light sources for use in the smart home. These can be controlled via the different communication standards (Bluetooth, WLAN, Zigbee, Fazit, Nest) and can be integrated into smart home systems such as those from Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit/Siri, Conrad Connect, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Microsoft Cortana or Samsung Bixby.

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Philips - Hue Play HDMI Sync Box

Philips - Hue Bridge

LIFX - Colour & White set of 3 (E27, 1100lm, 11W)

Philips - Hue white (E27, 550lm, 7W)

LIFX - Color & White (E27, 1100lm, 11W)

Eglo Vintage - Amber (E27, 330lm, 4W)

Philips - Hue white ambiance & color BT (E27, 806lm, 10W)

Philips - LED Lampe A60 (E27, 806lm, 8W)

Philips - Hue Doppelpack (E14, 6W)

OSRAM - Superstar Classic (E27, 2452lm, 21W)

Philips - Hue (E27, 550lm, 7W)

Philips - Hue (E27, 806lm, 10W)

Philips - Hue (E27, 806lm, 9.50W)

Philips - Hue white ambiance & color (GU10, 350lm, 5.70W)

Philips - Hue white ambiance (E27, 806lm, 9.50W)

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