Built-in speakers

A loudspeaker is a device that converts audio-frequency electrical signals (approx. 20 to 20,000 Hz) into mechanical vibrations (sound). It is therefore used for sound reinforcement. As the name suggests, built-in loudspeakers are intended for installation in walls, fittings or similar.
Here you can buy built-in speakers from well-known brands like Canton, Pioneer, Bose, Magnat and others.

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Monacor - Aussenlautsprecher SPE-284/WS (White, OnWall Speaker)

Canton - InWall 969 (White, OnWall Speaker, Mono)

Magnat - INTERIOR IC 62 (White, small loudspeakers)

Pioneer - Built-in speakers (Black, Center speaker)

Pioneer - 3-way coaxial in-wall speakers 210 (Black, Center speaker)

Monacor - Lautsprecher (White, small loudspeakers)

Pioneer - 3-Wege Koaxial-Einbaulautsprecher 300 (Black, Center speaker)

Monacor - Richtlautsprecher (White, small loudspeakers)

Monacor - ELA-Deckenlautsprecher ESP-80/ (White, PA speaker)

Pioneer - 2-Wege Koaxial-Einbaulautsprecher 300 (Black, Center speaker)

Pioneer - 2-way in-wall speaker set 300 (Black, Set)

Eminence - AlphaLautsprecher Ohm

Omnitronic - WP-4 (White, small loudspeakers)

Canton - InWall 889 (OnWall Speaker, Mono)

Canton - InCeiling 989 (OnWall Speaker)