Air conditioners

Air conditioning systems lower the room temperature by dissipating hot air outside in closed rooms. They also ensure a pleasant level of humidity. Air conditioners can be categorised into two types: mobile and split air conditioners.

Mobile devices have the advantage that they can be used flexibly. All you need is a window with a sealed opening for the exhaust hose (this is absolutely necessary). Mobile air conditioners are less cost-intense than split devices and can be easily stowed away in winter.

Split air-conditioning systems are installed permanently and consist of at least two elements, the outdoor unit with cooling coil and the indoor unit, which is installed in the room that needs to be cooled down. The two elements are connected by an insulated copper line through which refrigerant flows. Split devices require more intensive planning prior to purchase, as installation involves more work than with mobile devices, where no fixed installation is necessary.

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Tristar - Air conditioner AC-5527

Electrolux - Fensterkit

Electrolux - Chill Flex Pro Gold (9000BTU/h, 40m²)

Tristar - AC-5560 (10000BTU/h)

Electrolux - Chill Flex Pro (12000BTU/h, 50m²)

Electrolux - Chill Flex Pro Gold inkl. Premium Fenster Kit (9000BTU/h)

Electrolux - Fensterdichtungssatz EWS01

Electrolux - Chill Flex Pro (9000BTU/h, 40m²)

Sonnenkönig - Fensterkit

De'Longhi - PAC EX100 Silent (10700BTU/h)

Homava - Fensterkit

Sonnenkönig - Fresh Cube (20.47BTU/h)

Kibernetik - Air conditioner measurement

Evapolar - evaSmart (40.95BTU/h)

De'Longhi - PAC EL98 Eco Real Feel (10700BTU/h)