Adapter plugs

Your cable just won't fit around the corner? You want to make multiple connections from your extension? You are travelling to a certain country and need a lightweight travel adapter? You want to equip your precious device with a surge protection? Then you will find it here!

We have power adapters for various applications. With one of our angle adapters you can even get to inaccessible sockets behind cabinets and desks. Some models are even rotatable for even more flexibility. Branch plugs turn one power outlet into several. For energy savers, we also have many power adapters with a switch - so you can turn all your appliances on or off at once.

Models with an RCD switch protect against electric shocks, they are particularly recommended for use in the garden or for families with small children. Important help for your search: In Switzerland the system T12 is common. In Germany and the EU the Schuko CEE7 is in use.