Action cameras

And action! Looking for a compact, rugged and versatile video camera that can take a lot? Best of all, it's waterproof, shockproof and offers a wide range of accessories and the ability to shoot either 4K videos or crazy slow-motions? Then an action camera is just right for you. Even as a replacement for an older, slightly larger camcorder that you don't want to take everywhere, one of the sometimes tiny action cams is recommended.

Especially if you like to record everything on video and want to have your hands free, you are exactly right in our shop in the category Action Camera and Action Camera Accessories. The probably most famous action camera is from GoPro. With this you can shoot action-packed 4K videos, no matter if on BMX, motorbike, snowboard or surfing - we have the right mount in our shop! Not only for GoPro, but also for other actioncams of all price ranges we have suitable mounts on Because not only GoPro with the HERO models, but also Olympus, Sony, Drift, Ricoh, HTC, Kodak, Polaroid and Garmin offer with the TG-Tracker, FDR X3000R, WG-M1, Re, Pixpro, Cube, or VIRB robust video cameras with a variety of features that will make the hearts of adventurers beat faster. Touchscreen, LC-Display, WiFi, GPS functions, lots of accessories, any kind of mounts, mounts and cases as well as the multitude of features allow an almost unlimited use of the action cameras.