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Ear (1) (ANC)
Nothing Ear (1) (ANC)


3 months ago
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2 out of 5 stars

Well thought out but buggy

I went out wearing them today with my phone in my backpack, my music kept turning off every few seconds and I had to keep double tapping the earpiece to turn it on again. When I got home and took my phone out of the bag half of my home screen icons had been deleted or moved around! They only seem to work indoors! When I go out on my bike the music keeps stopping. Not sure if it's because of the wind or my beanie or helmet but they are pretty much useless outdoors. I reset and updated the firmware which worked for a few days but since then they're doing it again. Also tried with 3 different music apps on my phone and same problem with all of them.



  • Good Sound when they work
  • Good App when it works!
  • The earbuds and case look cool
  • Case charging


  • They keep turning off my music when I wear them outside