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AT-X M100 AF PRO D, 100mm, f/2.8
Tokina AT-X M100 AF PRO D, 100mm, f/2.8


2 years ago
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4 out of 5 stars

Light high performer

I have this lens some years already (3 or 4), in the Nikon F mount variant.
I have used it extensively with my D4S (16 MP full frame), D850 (45 MP full frame) and my wife’s D5500 (24 MP APSC), and it can produce really good
results with any of them, although, for macro work, the more pixel dense (out of the three) APSC sensor ends up giving greater details.
Having a low element count, this lens is quite light.
Other than being good for its obvious macro use, I found myself using it also for some portraiture, landscape and product photography (and being happy with the results).
Now on the couple of disadvantages:
- My D850 has a focus shift functionality (which can be useful for focus stacking), however this cannot be done with this lens. This is however not a big deal to me, as I can put some extension tubes on another lens and this function will work with that setup.
- The aperture ring has a locking mechanism, however it has happened to me that, when the lens is paired with extension tubes, there is a bit of a play which causes a loss of communication between the lens and the camera (cannot take picture). A bit of rotation and the connection comes back. Note that this is also a minor downside (as the connection can quickly be re-established), however I just thought it was right to mention it.
One last thing (not a disadvantage, but something some may like to know) is that once the focussing distance gets under a certain length (maybe around 1m, but don”t quote me on that), the maximum aperture starts to decrease (at 1:1 magnification the maximum aperture will be f/5.6).


  • Low element count
  • Light
  • 1:1 reproduction
  • High resolving power
  • Good not only for macro


  • Does not pair with automated focus shifting (on Nikon D850)
  • Aperture ring not firm (sometimes, with extension tubes)