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Elite 85H (ANC)
Jabra Elite 85H (ANC)


2 years ago
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4 out of 5 stars

Good overall

Overall I got what I was expecting. These are high-quality headphones that sound good and feel good on your ears (even big ears) while they are very easy to operate. The hear-through mode is perfect for overhear headphones as it makes sounds like cars on the street louder for you to be aware of, perfect for me. The design and materials look good, maybe a bit big, but that's balanced with my head size. Connecting them to multiple devices seems to work perfectly and is quite easy to do. They turn off when you fold them on the case, but I miss a turn off button for the times I wear them on the neck but am not using them. 


  • Battery life
  • Charging speed
  • Sound
  • Settings & App
  • Interaction simplicity
  • Connection simplicity
  • Hear-through mode is perfect for awareness on the street. Safety first!
  • Design & Comfort
  • Multiple device connection works pretty well


  • ANC could be a bit better
  • No ON/OFF button