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Tiptel 275 d/f Not categorized
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Tiptel 275 d/f


Multifunctional telephone for the workplace with voice recorder/answering machine and SMS

Schedule management for 20 appointments, time control (weekday control) of the answering machine, call forwarding and ringing tones, room monitoring/free-call can be activated remotely, for further details see product linkmore


Key specifications

Telephone propertiesHands-free kit, Built-in answer machine
External interfacesHeadset, USB

General information

Manufacturer Tiptel
Product type Phones


The telephone (from the Greek: τῆλε, tēle, "far" and φωνή, phōnē, "voice"), often colloquially referred to as a phone, is a telecommunications device that transmits and receives sound, most commonly the human voice. Telephones are a point-to-point communication system whose most basic function is to allow two people separated by large distances to talk to each other. It is one of the most common appliances in the developed world, and has long been considered indispensable to businesses, households and governments. The word "telephone" has been adapted to many languages and is widely recognized around the world.

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Item number243127
Manufacturer no.tiptel 275
Release date13.09.2007
May include power adapter Yes

This product may require a power adapter. If this is the case, a suitable adapter is included in the delivery.


Colour group


Grey (often spelled gray in the U.S., see spelling differences) describes the colours ranging from black to white. These, including white and black, are known as achromatic colours or neutral colours.

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Colour designation


Anthracite is the most metamorphosed type of coal (but still represents low-grade metamorphism), in which the carbon content is between 92% and 98%.[2][3] The term is applied to those varieties of coal which do not give off tarry or other hydrocarbon vapours when heated below their point of ignition. Anthracite ignites with difficulty and burns with a short, blue, and smokeless flame

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Telephone properties

Telephone connection
External interfaces


A headset is headphones combined with a microphone, or one headphone with a microphone. Headsets provide the equivalent functionality of a telephone handset with hands-free operation. Headsets typically have only one speaker like a telephone, but also come with speakers for both ears. They have many uses including in call centers and other telephone-intensive jobs and for anybody wishing to have both hands free during a telephone conversation.

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USB (Universal Serial Bus) is an industry standard developed in the mid-1990s that defines the cables, connectors and protocols used for connection, communication and power supply between computers and electronic devices.

USB was designed to standardize the connection of computer peripherals, such as keyboards, pointing devices, digital cameras, printers, portable media players, disk drives and network adapters to personal computers, both to communicate and to supply electric power. It has become commonplace on other devices, such as smartphones, PDAs and video game consoles. USB has effectively replaced a variety of earlier interfaces, such as serial and parallel ports, as well as separate power chargers for portable devices.

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Signal transmission
Number of phonebook entries

Number of phonebook entries

Maximum number of phone book entries.
A telephone directory contains an alphabetical list of all subscribers in a telephone network, usually divided into regions, together with their associated and unique telephone numbers. Not included are secret numbers or telephone numbers for which the customer has objected to an entry or does not wish to be published in the print media (publication on CD-ROM, on the Internet or via the information is nevertheless possible). Due to the many addresses included, telephone directories can also be used as an address book.

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Built-in answer machine
SMS function
Hands-free kit

Display properties

Image resolution
64 x 128 Pixels

Answering machine properties

Recording duration
60 min


1 x
RJ11 Receptacle

RJ11 Receptacle

RJ11 is a physical interface often used for terminating telephone wires. It is probably the most familiar of the registered jacks, being used for single line POTS telephone jacks in most homes and offices in North America and many other countries.

1 x

Product dimensions

210 mm
270 mm
100 mm
1000 g

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User albertsaurenmann
275 d/f

Ich habe einen Ersatz für mein bisheriges ana...

Ich habe einen Ersatz für mein bisheriges analoge Telefon im Geschäft gesucht und mit für das Tiptel 275 entschieden, weil ich dieses mit dem PC verbinden, mit der Software TapiCall steuern und einen Kopfhörer benützen kann. Ich bin sehr zufrieden damit und kann es weiter empfehlen.


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Tiptel 275 d/f Tiptel 275 d/f