Samyang AF 85mm F/1.4 FE, Sony E-Mount

Sony E, Full size


The 85 mm focal length is ideal for subjects that you want to capture or highlight without getting too close to the subject. The image angle of 28.9° is also particularly suitable for portraits or small groups, as people in this focal length range appear naturally proportioned. Lenses with focal lengths between 80 and 105 millimeters are therefore also called portrait lenses. The AF 85mm F1.4 also cuts a fine figure as an all-rounder when travelling. For the stitching of panoramas with very high resolution a lens like this one is predestined, also this focal length allows a good entrance into the photography of the night sky, for example for parts of the Milky Way. Designed for outstanding performanceFor the lens's outstanding optical performance, the light flow has been optimized specifically based on the ratio of the lens glass to the position of the Sony camera's sensor. Despite the solid metal housing, the high quality lens is compactly designed. Screw-in filters can be attached to the 77 mm thread and thus open up further design possibilities for you. The fast and precise autofocus is a great help even with moving subjects. High quality optics for sharp imagesThe interior of this lens consists of 11 glass elements, which are arranged in 8 groups. Thus a low close-up limit of only 90 cm is possible. 4 High Refractive Lenses (HR) and an Ultra Low Dispersion (ED) lens reduce chromatic aberrations and aberrations, providing high imaging performance. This is reflected in sharp images with crisp contrasts and natural colors. The optical design is rounded off with Samyang's own UMC multi-coating (Ultra Multi Coating), which avoids reflections and ghost images. Advantages of a full-frame lens on a camera with an APS-C sensorA multitude of lens defects such as distortion, edge blur or vignetting occur on the outside of the image. If a lens calculated for full format is used on a camera with an APS-C sensor, these areas are not used. Thus you receive the maximum quality. Additional post-processing time for correcting lens errors is therefore no longer required. The image angle of the APS-C is 19.1° (crop factor 1.6).Compact dimensionsThe lens, which is mounted in a sturdy aluminium housing, is small and compact despite its strong performance features: with a weight of only 568 g, a length of almost 10 cm and a diameter of 8.8 cm, it fits easily into almost any photo bag and does not cause back pain or sweating even on long journeys or tours. Thanks to Samyang-own Weather-Sealing-Protection it is immune against light rain or snow showers.

Key specifications

Sensor compatibility
Full size
570 g
Focus type
Lens type
Prime lens, Telephoto lens
Bayonet lens mount
Sony E
Focal length
85 mm
Item number