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  • XW205 (10W, Fast Charge)
  • XW205 (10W, Fast Charge)
  • XW205 (10W, Fast Charge)
CHF 60.20
Xtorm XW205 (10W, Fast Charge)

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4 ratings on Xtorm XW205 (10W, Fast Charge)

XW205 (10W, Fast Charge)

Work as intended, stylish

As it is my first phone charger using the Qi norm, it really feels good to just put your phone on it, and it automatically charges.
I actually drilled a hole in my desk, to put it at the same level of the surface of the desk, and hiding the cable by drilling a hole below the dask to route it, so it looks really neat, without any cable at all.
The led indicating the charge is situated just near the cable, behind the charger. It can be a bit weird for some people, but as it sits recessed in my desk, I don't really care about it.


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