• N5200TB Wireless Charger (15W)
  • N5200TB Wireless Charger (15W)
  • N5200TB Wireless Charger (15W)
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Samsung N5200TB Wireless Charger (15W)


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User lJoublanc

Annoyingly loud fan noise

Great product with a major flaw: when using 15W fast charging, the device emits a really annoying ticking sound!

Fortunately, if you disable fast wireless charging in your mobile settings menu (if supported), then active cooling is disabled (It took me time to figure this out, as the explanation in the packaging is not clear). However, doing so this turns the device into an expensive 9W wireless charger.

Worth mentioning that it comes with 25W super-fast charging adapter & usb C cable, which is worth half the price of the product if bought separately.

I would recommend it if a) you don't already have a charger or b) you're not sensitive to fan noises.
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