• 2-Port Wall Charger
  • 2-Port Wall Charger
  • 2-Port Wall Charger
RealPower 2-Port Wall Charger


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User Gabbo

Good Charger given the cheap price

This is a fairly decent 2-port charger given the price I paid (9chf).
It feels solid in its construction but the "cheapness" is visible in the misalignment of the USB socket to the housing.
It is the same on both chargers I bought & makes the insertion of the USB connector difficult requiring reasonable force to push it in.
However, I would say its acceptable for the price I paid.

Performance wise its fine.
I have the 2A port charging a tablet & the 1A port powering a security camera without problems.

However, having seen the recent price hike >20CHF, I would recommend paying a little extra & getting an Anker or Aukey charger instead of this one.
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