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R-Go Tools Split Break (Eng. Int., Cable)
105.– CHF

R-Go Tools Split Break

Eng. Int., Cable

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  • kave

    14 days ago
    purchased this product


    The product is okay, but you have to get used to it again first (which was clear).
    Processing not perfect everywhere, adhesive does not hold.
    Unfortunately, once again, the wrong pictures (from Galaxus?) are stored with
    the product. As I see it on the manufacturer's website, this is the v2? version.
    The pictures have been adjusted or extended in the meantime so that it is even more confusing ... now you can see two different products
    In the v2 there are new 'shortcuts' for Undo, Select All, Cut, Paste and Copy - fortunately you can deactivate them with a button; unfortunately you have to press it again every time you restart, the keyboard doesn't remember this.

    Product ok, unfortunately again a bad aftertaste, as Galaxus' images and titles are wrong.


    • USB-C with dongle for USB-A
    • Ergonomic


    • Shortcut
    • Numeric keypad (v1 possible with Fn key)

    This review was created for a different variant: Split (DE, Cable)

  • itstuan

    3 years ago
    purchased this product

    Should have bought it before

    My wrists thank me for getting this keyboard! My posture is better and more natural. It's expensive, but worth it considering all the hours of typing I do. One of the best investments I have made for my home office.


    • compact
    • ergonomic
    • easy set up


    • not wireless
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