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Z625 (2.1 Channel)
CHF 179.–instead of 200.–1
Logitech Z625 (2.1 Channel)

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4.2 out of 5 stars

5 ratings on Logitech Z625 (2.1 Channel)

User ninostettler
Z625 (2.1 Channel)

Wunderbare Lautsprecher! :)

Sehr einfache Installation (bei Schwierigkeiten hat es eine Bildanleitung).
Anlage ist jetzt seit 1 Woche in einem eher kleineren Zimmer in Betrieb, Musik und Games (Far Cry 4, GTA 5, The Witcher 3) lassen sich damit extrem gut geniessen. (Angeschlossen über optisches Kabel)
Der Bass kann an der rechten Box eingestellt werden, somit muss nicht am Basslautsprecher selber geregelt werden.

Schöne Verarbeitung
Perfekt für Games und Musik
Starker Bass
Mehrere Geräte gleichzeitig anschliessbar

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User iTzNikoMoDz
Z625 (2.1 Channel)

Für zuhause in einem kleinen Zimmer sicher Perfekt! Selbst im Wohnzimmer ist der Bass noch zu Spühren.

Die Sound Quali ist Unschlagbar :D Und mit dem Bass Regler zitter das ganze Haus! Das Geld ist es wert.

Höhen und Tiefen
Klarer Sound
Edles Design

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User Anonymous
Z625 (2.1 Channel)

Very happy

It's been a long time since I closed my eyes to enjoy the music but I'm doing it now.
This system sound great for music, movies (I like oldschool movie scores like the Goblin band) and video games.
I wouldn't suggest them for audiophiles who listen to jazz or classical as they seem to be "missing something"
As an entertainment audio system for someone that just want a fun sound I give them 10/10
When it comes to "computer" headphones a lot of them are plastic, very cheap looking quality and sound, this Z625 is the complete opposite it looks tough built and the subwoofer is very powerful I would like to have my car !
I'm often disappointed by electronic hardware quality but not this time, I bought those elsewhere than digitec on a whim but am really happy with them :D for 199.- totally worth it
Be warned that this system is powerful and loud if you sit in front of your computer you will probably never use it above 50% volume, it could easily be used as 2.1 TV speakers.

very powerful
good build quality
great for multimedia content
good price quality ratio
sound is lacking in some frequencies

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