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Dji OM5

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    1 month ago
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    1 out of 5 stars

    Before you buy...

    The latest version is not available on Google Play, you need to go on DJI website to download the application (APK file). Note: you can't download the APK file with the DJI mimo browser (use google: dji mimo
    app download).
    Once you have downloaded the APK you have to authorize the installation the install the apps (it took me 3 times to correctly install the app). If your smartphone is not compatible you will not be able to install it or the application will not start (Tested with my old smartphone).
    Check here if your smartphone is compatible: (note that previous Mimo application can be compatible with your smartphone but not with OM5...)

    Bluetooth connection:
    Arm yourself with patience , Bluetooth pairing could take a lot of time (I tried around 20x with my S21 ultra and 2x with my old not compatible phone...).
    Once the correct app is installed and the pairing done you will may be able to use the app...I had a lot of disconnection using the application.

    After some tests:
    Without considering all the problems listed above (application running and BT connection stable), I am very disappointed with the functions offered:
    - The following of the face which works in an approximate way
    - The stabilization range, due to axis limits is quite small
    - The stabilization is not exceptional, I am not even sure that compensates all the instability brought by the weight of the device...
    - The system make sometimes strange movements or vibrations
    - Functions without the apps: useless

    I may not know how to use this product or I am too demanding ... I do not recommend it


    • Design, ergonomics


    • Application not available on Google Play
    • Limited compatibility with smarphones
    • Complex setup (issues to download and install the app)
    • Very bad (and unstable) bluetooth connection
    • Small stabilization range (axis limit)
    • Functions without the apps: useless
    • Functions without the apps: don't keep the promises
  • 1557de2784161fa9d4c0a249d095eb08359deda32b0e9515da2439c2a4235deb

    2 months ago



    5 out of 5 stars

    Small and Smart


    • software is easy to use
    • small and light
    • white colour , nice


    • none