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Brilliant Matteo (E27)
47.– CHF

Brilliant Matteo


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  • Karnarel

    2 years ago
    purchased this product

    Nice looking and afordable exterior lamp

    A nice looking simple exterior lamp with 2x E27 standard bulb sockets to fit any light bulb (lamp does not come with any bulb included). Fine for ceiling mount, but sealing is not very good in case of direct rain exposure.

    are a lot of screws to remove the cover and change a bulb (8), and the cover holder is hard to remove.
    There is no hole(s) in the cable cap, and thus when making one, it will not make a tight sealing to the cable : some silicon seal will be necessary if the lamp is directly exposed to the rain.
    The O-ring provided with the mounting screws do not hold well to the screws when tightened.


    • Standard E27 sockets
    • Rated for exterior


    • Lots of screws to open it
    • cable cap not correctly sealing
    • screw O-ring not holding
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