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RP-PC006 (2.40A, 30W, , )
CHF 26.–
RAVPower RP-PC006 (2.40A, 30W, , )

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6 answered questions about RAVPower RP-PC006 (2.40A, 30W, , )

User maoan.zhou

C'est quoi le voltage de ce chargeur ?

3 answers
User maoan.zhou
Accepted answer

I have a huawei p10 that comes with a quick charger of 5V/2A to 5A. I am not sure if it's compatible with this charger, because this charger can't give more than 3A. And voltage of 9V is higher than factory charger, I am afraid the high voltage will break the battery. Any one have an idea about that and can suggest a backup charger for huawei p10