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Moto G4 (5.50", 16GB, Dual SIM, 13MP, White)
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Motorola Moto G4 (5.50", 16GB, Dual SIM, 13MP, White)

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User ashishrkabra

G4 supports turbo charging but do we get turbocharger along with G4? As per some blogs turbocharge is only shipped wth G4 Plus n not G4. Turbocharging helps ph to get charged upt 6h in 15mins only.

This question was asked about another variant: Moto G4 (5.50", 16GB, Dual SIM, 13MP, Black)

1 answer
User Brimstone
Accepted answer

No, there is only a standard charger included with the Moto G4.

User b-caligraph

In English or French:
How can I know if this phone is upgradable to newer version of Android (7.0 for example), some phone are some arn't.

Comment savoir si ce téléphone peut être upgardé vers des plus nouvelles versions d'Android (7.0, par example)

1 answer
User malanitchev
Accepted answer
Operating system Android 6.0.1 "Marshmallow"
Upgradeable to 7.0 "Nougat"
Vu qu'il est de 2016 il sera probablement mis à jour jusqu'a Oreo / Android 8.0

User enjch

I have a "Motorola Flip Shell für Moto G 2nd Gen" ( Does anyone know whether it fits G4?

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User digistyl3
Accepted answer

No, the G4 is much larger than the G2.