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USB Type-C to (HDMI, 15cm)
CHF 33.50
LINK2GO USB Type-C to (HDMI, 15cm)

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5 answered questions about LINK2GO USB Type-C to (HDMI, 15cm)

User Lohengrin76

Can this be used to connect a second monitor to an Acer Predator 300 Helios? I will have 2 monitors so one can go in the HDMI port but I wanted to know if this second monitor can be used through this.

2 answers
User iankyburz
Accepted answer

I'm not familiar with Acer but there must be an online manual or even an Acer specific system software with related monitor settings. Or maybe there is a user forum on the Acer suport website where you can ask questions to Acer specialists.

User Anonymous

Unterstützt er 4k @ 60 Hz ?

1 answer
User rschicker
Accepted answer

Ja generell kann man 4k @60Hz habe dies 1x gebraucht soweit