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  • Exos-2 V2 EX2-755
  • Exos-2 V2 EX2-755
  • Exos-2 V2 EX2-755
CHF 538.–
Koolance Exos-2 V2 EX2-755

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2 answered questions about Koolance Exos-2 V2 EX2-755

User Anonymous

quelle température peut-on espérer avec un i7 7700k ?

1 answer
User Loïc Mayanga
Accepted answer

Malheureusement nous n'avons pas d'informations sur cette combinaison.

User programtervezo

I have a water cooling system in my pc. If i buy a chiller like this, am i for ed to turn this on, since it’ll be a part of my loop, or can i choose when to turn on/off?

1 answer
User inematov
Accepted answer

At this time you will have two pumps in your cooling system? This will be quite hard to control since you have to synchronize them. Or you have to use multiple surge tanks. But anyways you have to turn it on otherwise no liquid will come out of the system.