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  • Sterling City BOXSTK1AW32SC (Intel Atom x5-Z8300, 2GB, 32GB, SSD)
  • Sterling City BOXSTK1AW32SC (Intel Atom x5-Z8300, 2GB, 32GB, SSD)
  • Sterling City BOXSTK1AW32SC (Intel Atom x5-Z8300, 2GB, 32GB, SSD)
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Intel Sterling City BOXSTK1AW32SC (Intel Atom x5-Z8300, 2GB, 32GB, SSD)

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User baechtoldland

Ist das Gerät "Auto Power on AC" fähig?

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User ManAtWork
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User Anonymous
User edwinweber
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Es sind 2 normale USB Anschlüsse vorhanden. (1x USB 2 und 1 x USB 3). Ich nutze z.B. einen Linksys USB to LAN Adapter und das funktioniert problemlos.

User samsacha
User Piloti
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Hello, I hope an reply in English is enough for you.

I use the Intel Stick Computer only when I need Windows, which is not often. I use Ubuntu as my main OS.
However, the Compute stick is perfectly OK as main PC as long as it is doing only email, web browsing and a little office work. 'Photo editing, video editing, large amounts of spreadsheet work with lots of macros etc are not an option.

You are right about power, There is an HDMI port from the Compute stick to drive the monitor and enough for a keyboard mouse. However, if you want to drive an external storage, connect a tablet to do data transfer, connect a Handy for data transfer, etc. then you will need a powered USB hub. The hub will take one of the USB ports on the Stick, which means that only the mouse or the keyboard will connect to the Stick. Therefore the mouse and the keyboard are best connected to the powered USB hub., Then you have more connectivity options, but lots of cables and three power cables : one for the Stick, one for the monitor and one for the USB hub.

If this is to be the main computer but you still want something small and cheap, I would recommend something like the Acer Revo One or something based on the Intel NUC. There are lots of these about. I would also have a look at one of the following items, which can be pretty good “computers” but also good portable devices as well: GPD P2 Max, One Mix 3 Yoga, Chuwi MiniBook, or One Mix 1S Yoga. I have not used one of these but they look like they may tick most of your needs.