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MadCatz L.Y.N.X. 3 Mobile Wireless Controller


Android gaming at its finest
You no longer need a game console for an authentic gaming experience. As modern Android devices are getting closer and closer to the performance of game consoles, you can enjoy the same games. We talk about first-class, uncompromising AAA games. Today's Android devices already contain a wealth of top gaming content. L.Y.N.X.3 you get full access to this content.

Incredibly versatile
Synchronization is one of the best features of Android devices. Play on one device in the morning and resume the game later in the day on another device where you left off. This is comparable to a conventional pause button. L.Y.N.X.3 controllers are ideal for this. Play on your smartphone on your way to work, on your tablet at lunchtime or on your HD TV at the end of the day. And with the PlayBig and charge pack, you can even play on your HDTV at home.

Simply better than the normal touch control
Touch control is convenient, but not really suitable for core gaming applications. Have you ever tried playing a sports or FPS game with touch control? Or a platform game? A false jump caused by a slipping thumb means immediate death. Good luck with that! Detect certain games when a controller is connected and hide the touch controls on the screen.

Click and Play
Games on a smartphone with authentic console feel are just a click away. Put your phone in the detachable holder and the screen is all yours again. Your fingers and thumbs will never cover the game again.

high-performance app
The biggest advantage of Android is inside the controller. You can configure your phone and tablet individually, so why not also configure your controller? L.Y.N.X.3 offers the same flexibility. Our app shows you furnishing tips and learning videos. And with an ever-growing list of compatible games, you can get started right away. You can even customize the sensitivity of the sticks and buttons. Configure the sticks for more mid-range precision for optimum targeting accuracy and maximum outer-range speed for fast 180-degree rotations. This gives you a noticeable advantage over other players with ordinary gamepads.

Robust and mobile
L.Y.N.X.3 is easy to carry and the built-in battery lasts longer than most Android devices. Thanks to the energy-saving Bluetooth module, you can play for up to 30 hours on the Li-Polymer battery with just one charge. With more than a full day of stamina, you can play anytime, anywhere without a power outlet. The controller also recognizes automatically when you put it aside. L.Y.N.X.3 puts itself into sleep mode even after an adjustable period of time in the app.

Simplified multimedia control
Smartphones and tablets are much more than just practical game consoles. They are also your camera, your music player and your portal to the Internet. L.Y.N.X.3 has another ace up his sleeve to perform these functions. A very practical set of


Key specifications

PlatformAndroid, PC
Signal transmissionBluetooth

General information

Manufacturer MadCatz
Product type Game controllers

Game controllers

A game controller is a device used with games or entertainment systems used to control a playable character or object, or otherwise provide input in a computer game. A controller is typically connected to a game console or computer by means of a wire, cord or nowadays, by means of wireless connection. Controllers which have been classified as game controllers are keyboards, mice, game pads, joysticks, etc. Special purpose devices, such as steering wheels for driving games and light guns for shooting games, are also game controllers. Devices such as mice and keyboards can be emulated with a game pad through the use of programs such as 'JoyToKey'.

The main function of a game controller is to govern the movement/actions of a playable body/object or otherwise influence the events in a video or computer game. The type of controller used in a game depends on the genre of the game being played (i.e. Steering Wheel controllers for driving games, yoke like for flying, etc.).

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Item number5692750
Manufacturer no.MCB322690006/04/1


Case colour

Game controller properties


Game controller properties

Features and characteristics of game controls

Signal transmission

Signal transmission

Data transmission or information transfer refers to all methods that transmit (useful) information from a sender (information source) to a receiver (information sink).

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Bluetooth is a proprietary open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short-wavelength radio transmissions in the ISM band from 2400–2480 MHz) from fixed and mobile devices, creating personal area networks (PANs) with high levels of security.

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Game Controller Type

Game Controller Type

There are different types of game controls.



A computing platform includes some sort of hardware architecture and a software framework (including application frameworks). The combination allows software to run. Typical platforms include a computer's architecture, operating system, programming languages and related user interface (run-time system libraries or graphical user interface).
A platform is a crucial element in software development. A platform might be simply defined as a place to launch software.


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MadCatz L.Y.N.X. 3 Mobile Wireless Controller MadCatz L.Y.N.X. 3 Mobile Wireless Controller