Insta360 One X2

30p, 5.7K
Test reports
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One X2 (30p, 5.7K)
One X2 (30p, 5.7K)
X3 (30p, 5.7K)
X3 (30p, 5.7K)

The waterproof and ultra-compact 360-degree video camera offers a whole range of diverse functions. In addition to its enormous versatility, the Insta ONE X2 also impresses with impressively strong stabilisation,...

Key specifications

Max. picture resolution
6080 x 3040 pixels
Action camera functions
360°, Image stabilisation, Microphones
Item number

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Overall ratingVery good90/100
No rating
CHIP OnlineSingle testReleaseAugust 2021
  • PositiveCompact
  • PositiveWaterproof
  • PositiveAbundance of recording functions
  • NegativeSomewhat weak battery
  • NegativeSound quality partly tinny

The Insta360 One X2 is a small but innovative 360-degree camera for your pocket. In the practical test, we liked the all-round videos in 5.7K quality and functions such as live streaming on Facebook or YouTube. Unlike its predecessor, the small camera is now even waterproof up to 10 metres...

Very good99/100
Foto Hits Logo
Foto HitsSingle testReleaseMarch 2021
  • PositiveThe numerous functions make the Insta360 One X2 a very versatile 360-degree camera. The image quality is also convincing.
  • NegativeHowever, the performance could be slightly better in low light conditions and indoors.

Indeed, the Insta360 One X2 makes it possible to take pictures that would otherwise require assistants and expensive technology. The artificial intelligence takes a lot of work off the user's hands, and the results and effects are definitely something to be proud of.