Heltec Automation CubeCell Dev-Board Plus 868MHz Lora Node HTCC-AB02

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The CubeCell Lora Dev-Board Plus HTCC-AB02 with Oled Display from Heltec is a low-cost LoRaWan board that is perfect for your own Lora Node applications. The CubeCell Lora Dev-Board has an ASR6502 PSoC®
4000 series MCU (ARM® Cortex® M0+ core) and SX1262 integrated. The board is Arduino compatible and can be easily integrated and programmed in the Arduino IDE with Heltec's detailed instructions. The CubeCell LoRaWan development board has an ultra low power design and consumes only 11uA of power (in battery mode) in deep sleep mode. The board also has an onboard solar power management system, which means you can solder solar cells (5.5 to 7V) directly to the board for charging optional LiPo lithium batteries. The battery status can be easily queried by the microcontroller via the analogue input. This means you can build a 100% autonomous LoRaWan node yourself that is powered by solar energy.

Recommended accessories:
LiPo battery 1000mAh JST 1.25 / Lithium Ion Polymer for LoRa TTGO
Solar cell 6V 165mA 1W

Built-in 0.96 inch OLED display with 128x64pixel resolution that can be used to display debugging information, battery power and other information.
Arduino compatible
Perfect for beginners and advanced developers
With the board you can easily and inexpensively implement your LoRa IoT projects.
CE and FCC certification
Based on ASR6051 is a PSoC® chip 4000 series MCU (ARM® Cortex® M0+ core) and has an integrated SX1262.
Supports LoRaWAN 4.4.1
Extremely low power design with only 11uA (with lithium battery) in deep sleep mode.
Onboard RGB LED perfect for debugging or displaying status.
Onboard solar power management system: the board can be directly connected to a 5.5 to 7V solar panel.
Onboard SH1.25-2 battery interface, integrated lithium battery management system with charge and discharge management, overcharge protection, battery status detection, automatic switching USB / battery operation.
Micro-USB interface with full ESD protection, short-circuit protection, HF shielding
Integrated CP2102 USB-to-serial port chip: suitable for downloading programs and debugging.

Technical details:
Type: CubeCell HTCC-AB02
Microprocessor: ASR6502 (48 MHz ARM® Cortex® M0+ MCU, 128KB FLASH, 16KB SRAM)
Oled colour: White
Oled resolution: 128x64
LoRa Chip: ASR6502 (Internal Semtech® LoRa® Transceiver SX1262)
LoRa working band: 868MHz EU_863_870
LoRa maximum output power 22 ± 1dB
Hardware resources UART x 1; SPI x 1; I2C x 1; SWD x 1; PWM x 3
12 - bit ADC; 8 - channel DMA
6 x GPIO
FLASH: 128KB internal
Interface: Micro USB and LoRa (IPEX)
USB-UART chip: CP2102
Battery detection circuit
Battery connection: 3.7V Lithium SH1,25 2pin
Switchable power supply for external sensors via Vext: 3.3V max. 350mA
Power consumption:
LoRa Rx Mode: 10mA
LoRa 10dBm Output: 70mA
LoRa 14dBm Output: 90mA
LoRa 17dBm Output: 100mA
LoRa 20dBm Output: 105mA
Sleep mode Deep Sleep (USB-powered): 9.6mA
Sleep mode Deep Sleep (VBAT/battery powered): 11uA
Sleep mode Deep Sleep (3.3V powered): 3.5uA
Dimensions: 52 x 24.1 x 8.5 mm
Weight: 21g

Scope of delivery:
1x CubeCell Dev-Board Plus 868MHz Lora Node HTCC-AB02
1x External Antenna 868MHz
2x Pin headers 15x1p.

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Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery
1x CubeCell Dev-Board Plus 868MHz Lora Node HTCC-AB02
1x external antenna 868MHz
2x pin headers 15x1p
Additionally required (not included)
External antenna 868MHz
Male connectors 15x1p

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21 g

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21 g

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