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Absima Truggy AT2.4 ARTR (Brushed motor, LiPo, 1:10) Actual product image

Absima Truggy AT2.4 ARTR (Brushed motor, LiPo, 1:10)


The time is ripe - now it's 2.4! Absima presents "The Next Generation" of the successful Hot Shot series on a scale of 1:10. For example, the new chassis was designed completely in race layout and is now significantly lighter for even longer driving pleasure. The smooth-running gearbox and fibre-reinforced plastic parts round off the quality picture.

Highlights AT2.4 Brushed Version :

Water resistant 40 A Brushed regulator LiPo battery compatible
15 Turn Race Motor size 540
+ 40 KM/H
All-wheel drive / 4WD
General Chassis Features :

4WD All-wheel drive
Drive Ball bearing mounted
Adjustable oil pressure shock absorbers
Fully enclosed main drive
2 cone differentials
Steel Differential outputs
Adjustable wishbones
Aluminium motor heat sink
Aluminium engine mount
Aluminium shaft drive with steel receptacles
Adjustable tie rods
5 mm shock towers v/h
Fibre-reinforced plastic parts
Lightweight construction (less weight - longer driving time)
Adjustable servo saver
Pre-designed body incl. sticker sheet
Vehicle can be operated with 2 cells LiPo batteries up to 30C
Technical data :

Dimensions ( L/W/H ) : 405 x 325 x 165 mm
Weight: 1650 g
Wheelbase: 270 mm
Ground clearance: 40 mm
Track width : 270 mm front / 270 mm rear
Tyres: Offroad Blockpin / Slot Disc Rim
Front Tire: Width 55 mm / Ø ± 105 mm
Rear Tire: Width 55 mm / Ø ± 105 mm
Damper oil viscosity: 400 CPS
Damper Springs Strength: Medium
Shock absorber installation length: 85 mm front / rear
Differential oil viscosity: 1,000 CPS / 3,000 CPS
Motor ratio Brushed Version: Motor pinion 18 Z ( module 0.6 ) / main gear 64 Z

Scope of delivery

1 pc. Truggy "AT2.4"
2.4 GHz Remote Control CR2SV2
decal sheet

Required accessories :

Driving battery NiMH or LiPo (2 cells max. 30C)
4 AA cells for remote control


Key specifications

Car typeBuggy
Radio frequency2.40 GHz
VariantARR Almost Ready to Run
Image scale1:10

General information

Manufacturer Absima
Product type RC car

RC car

There are different sizes of RC cars, from scale 1:83 up to scale 1:5. These RC cars have different maximum speeds from 15 km/h up to more than 160 km/h. Speeds such as 160 km/h can only be achieved with particularly powerful electric motors. Combustion engines have a stronger engine power, but they can not achieve such high speeds with RC cars due to the lower rpm. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the world record for the fastest RC car was set on 4 October 2010 with a 1:10 touring car. On a race track in North Carolina, USA, this car reached a speed of 260.32 km/h.

Item number6280172
Manufacturer no.AB12206


Colour group


Vehicle type


A dune buggy is a recreational vehicle with large wheels, and wide tires, designed for use on sand dunes or beaches. The design is usually a modified vehicle and engine mounted on an open chassis. The modifications usually attempt to increase the power-to-weight ratio by either lightening the vehicle or increasing engine power or both. Dune buggies designed specifically for operation on open sand are called sandrails.

More information...

Target group



The product is intended for beginners in this area who have not particularly high demands, but rather prefer a cheaper option.


Application range

Operating range

RC car properties

Modelling variant
ARR Almost Ready to Run

ARR Almost Ready to Run

An ARR model is a fully assembled model, in which no remote control, no recipients, and usually no battery is included.

Image scale
Max. speed
40 km/h

Engine properties

RC drive
Four-wheel drive

Four-wheel drive

Four-wheeled vehicle with a drivetrain that allows all four wheels to receive torque from the engine.

More information...

Engine type
Brushed motor

Radio control


Radio control

A remote control is usually an electronic or mechanical device with which devices or machines can be operated over medium to long distances.
A remote control is usually used if the device to be operated is not in the same housing as its control element.

More information...

Remote control method
Digital radio remote control
Radio frequency

Radio frequency

Specifies the frequency with which the device with a corresponding device communicates. Such as Walkie-Talkies or remote-controlled vehicles.

2.40 GHz
Power supply
Battery operated

Battery operated

Devices that can be operated either with normal batteries or rechargeable batteries.

Number of batteries

Battery properties

Battery type


Lithium-ion polymer batteries, polymer lithium ion or more commonly lithium polymer batteries (abbreviated Li-poly, Li-Pol, LiPo, LIP, PLI or LiP) are rechargeable (secondary cell) batteries. LiPo batteries are usually composed of several identical secondary cells in parallel to increase the discharge current capability, and are often available in series "packs" to increase the total available voltage.

More information...

Additionally required (not included)

Additionally required (not included)

Additionally required (not included)

For the operation of the product required, but not included.

4 x AA batteries
Battery with compatible charger

Product dimensions

405 mm
325 mm
165 mm
1650 g

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Returns and warranty

Warranty 24 month Bring-in
30-day right of return

30-day right of return

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Returns and warranty

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Warranty services

Warranty extension

Warranty extension

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to 3 years CHF 17.10
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Introductory course with tour in an interesting terrain in the Limmattal region


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Questions about this product

The 1 most helpful customer questions

User jpache

Bonjour, je me viens de recevoir ma jolie voiture !
Malaheureusement, la batterie principale de la voiture n'est pas inclue. Est-ce normal ?
Quel est le modèle de batterie afin que je puisse commander ?
Merci par avance et meilleures salutations !

1 answer
User Brimstone
Accepted answer

Oui, c'est normal. Ce n'est pas RTR (Ready to Race) mais ARTR (Almost Ready to Race).

Vous avez besoin le suivant:
Batterie rechargeable NiMH ou LiPo (2 piles max. 30C)
Chargeur pour la batterie
4 piles AA pour télécommande

Le produit suivant devrait être compatible: Team Orion Combo Rocket 1800 Advantage IQ801 EU/CH


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Absima Truggy AT2.4 ARTR (Brushed motor, LiPo, 1:10) Absima Truggy AT2.4 ARTR (Brushed motor, LiPo, 1:10)