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Pro (USB, US, Cable, Romer-G)
Logitech G Pro (USB, US, Cable, Romer-G)

Question about Logitech G Pro (USB, US, Cable, Romer-G)

User Jeremy974

Late Answer:

The Logitech G Pro RGB Mechanical Keyboard wasn't ever intended to be an International product, Logitech made 2 Versions of it using English US-QWERTY one for Canada and the other for the US, the Canadian Version uses the ISO enter and backslash keys and the American version uses the ANSI Enter and Backslash keys, but (Yep, that's the catch), Logitech didn't plan onto making it Global so no QWERTZ (Swiss/German), no AZERTY(France, Belgium) and no QWERTY(UK).

The only versions you can get through Digitec (It's like lotto) are the US or Canadian Versions.

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