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YOGA Book - DE (10.10", 64GB, Gunmetal Grey)
CHF 499.–
Lenovo YOGA Book - DE (10.10", 64GB, Gunmetal Grey)

Question about Lenovo YOGA Book - DE (10.10", 64GB, Gunmetal Grey)

User Alessandro Bottinelli

As you can see in the specifications this device has the following ports:

Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth version 4.0
USB 2 x
USB connector type micro USB 2.0
Headphone jack 3.5mm Yes

Unfortunately we don't have any information about the loading time.

We always try to give our customers the most recent delivery dates. That is why our distributors have the possibility to directly enter their expected delivery dates in our system. Therefore the data comes from the source and is as current as possible.

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User holger.schmid

It has only 1 micro USB and one micro HDMI, the headphone jack and the SD (as well as SIM)-card slot!

User holger.schmid

Charging time with the system running was 4 Hours this morning!

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