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  • G403 Prodigy Wireless (Wireless, Cable)
  • G403 Prodigy Wireless (Wireless, Cable)
  • G403 Prodigy Wireless (Wireless, Cable)
Logitech G G403 Prodigy Wireless (Wireless, Cable)

Question about Logitech G G403 Prodigy Wireless (Wireless, Cable)

User jeje1307

If by bluetooth you mean wireless 2,4Ghz, i think you can.
In one of the latest LGS (Logitech gaming software for mac) Version 8.87.92. They added those mouse :
Support added for:
G403 Prodigy Gaming Mouse
G403 Prodigy Wireless Gaming Mouse

So in my opinion, yes (Ja).

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User GFM90

Was ist wireless 2.4 Ghz?

Ich möchte wegen der Maus keine zusätzlich software installieren müssen.

User jeje1307

The 2,4Ghz is just the frequency the mouse use. Don't worry you just plug the little USB adapter and it is supposed to work.

For MAC you'll have to install a little software with the mouse. Otherwise it won't work with this mouse.
You can fing the software here :

So it work with mac but only if you add the software.

I hope it helped.

User GFM90

Ok. danke. Ich will leider kein Dongel für eine Maus verwenden müssen und keine extra Software. Dazu kommt, dass für den USB Dongel ein Adapter auf USB-C nötig wäre. Sorry zu kompliziert. Schade für eine so gute Maus


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