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Question about Insta360 Pro (30p, Charcoal)

User Greneey

Hi Adrien.

I can not prove it by sending you a link to thier website (for me its down) but what I understood form CES 2017 interviews, it works as following:

You have two options.

1) Connecting the camera to a computer via HDMI and use the computer & any streaming-software (free or commercial) to livestream.

2) You can connect your phone to the cameras WIFI and set up the stream-settings on the camera it self. Settings such as the RTP-Server you want to stream to. As long as the camera is connected to the internet by cable, wifi oder 3G it will be able to stream by its own.

As I said I don't have proof nor do I have such a device (i whish i had). - CES 2017: Insta360 Pro 8K VR camera launching Q1 for $3000


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User adou1269

Thanks for your reply and precision !

Do you know when you will be able to start shipping ?

Do you manage your own stock or droppshipping ?

And last question. if i preorder now. It give me priority in case of stock limitation ?



User Greneey

Unfortunately I am not a Digitec staff member. For questions regarding availability you should contect them via. E-Mail at: or as a business-customer


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