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A "tablet computer", or simply "tablet", is a complete computer contained entirely in a flat touch screen that uses a stylus, digital pen, or fingertip as the primary input device instead of a keyboard or mouse which may or may not be included.
The name is derived from the resemblance to writing tablets, and presents a more natural user interface when the touch screen is integrated with the display, as is customary on a tablet. Unlike laptops, tablet personal computers may not be equipped with a keyboard, in which case they use a virtual onscreen substitute.more

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User drive_five

Für einen relativ günstigen Preis bekommen Sie hier ein gutes IPS Full HD Display, einen Intel Prozessor, 2GB RAM und 64 GB internen Speicher. Tausendmal besser als die Billigstmodelle, die es teilweise schon für einen Hunderter weniger gibt. Einzig die Qualität der Kameras ist bescheiden.
Medion LIFETAB S10365 + Standfuss (10.10", 64GB, Titan)

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