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  • i-gotU GT-600 (Various)
  • i-gotU GT-600 (Various)
  • i-gotU GT-600 (Various)
CHF 124.–
Mobile Action i-gotU GT-600 (Various)

Rating on Mobile Action i-gotU GT-600 (Various).

User dserdiuk

When used during 1 day short getaways, it works an...

When used during 1 day short getaways, it works and I'm able to geotag my photos.
Though, when I relied on it during the week trip to Italy, it has failed to turn on several times. I thought the problem is with the battery, but even after charging it overnight from the wall socket, it would still not turn on. Sometimes it would switch itself off (happened randomly).

After coming back and plugging it to the PC, it would start working again and then won't turn on again.

So, it's absolutely unreliable. I would NOT recommend to buy it.

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