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  • Batteriegriff BG-E16 (Battery grip)
  • Batteriegriff BG-E16 (Battery grip)
  • Batteriegriff BG-E16 (Battery grip)
CHF 242.–
Canon Batteriegriff BG-E16 (Battery grip)

Rating on Canon Batteriegriff BG-E16 (Battery grip).

User Anonymous
Batteriegriff BG-E16 (Battery grip)

Very nice for portrait-format pictures. I would buy it again

I am very happy with the product. The reason to buy battery grips is in my opinion the ability to take portrait-format pictures in a convenient way.

The fact that the camera gets some additional weight comes in handy for me. It fells more like a tool than like a toy with the grip applied. However, I am not traveling (that) much by foot. Otherwise I would probably go without the additional weight.

If you want to "only" enhance battery life: go for batteries. You can buy three of them for the price of one grip (without an extra battery included).

The product fits perfect to my camera.


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