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  • e2460Sh (24", 1920x1080)
  • e2460Sh (24", 1920x1080)
  • e2460Sh (24", 1920x1080)
Energy efficiency
CHF 139.–
AOC e2460Sh (24", 1920x1080)

Rating on AOC e2460Sh (24", 1920x1080).

User sali4
e2460Sh (24", 1920x1080)

+The quality is very good
+The time response is p...

+The quality is very good
+The time response is perfect (1 ms)
+All the necessary cables (power cable, HDMI, VGA, sound cable) are included
+/-The speakers are not perfect but you can use your headphone or connect it to the external speakers via the sound cable
+And the price is great

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