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  • Speed Line (128GB, USB 3.0)
  • Speed Line (128GB, USB 3.0)
  • Speed Line (128GB, USB 3.0)
CHF 26.70
Intenso Speed Line (128GB, USB 3.0)

Rating on Intenso Speed Line (128GB, USB 3.0).

User delpach
Speed Line (128GB, USB 3.0)

No USB 3.0 speed!!!

It has USB 3.0 interface but doesn't use the maximal speed. Maximal write speed is only 50MB/s.
I measured it in a working USB3 port with Usb Flash Benchmark (

So that's a pure marketing things:
-Yes it is recognized by the PC as USB3 as it use USB3 driver
-NO it doesn't have USB3 speed!!!


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