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  • IB-AC611 (4Ports)
  • IB-AC611 (4Ports)
CHF 49.70
ICY BOX IB-AC611 (4Ports)

Rating on ICY BOX IB-AC611 (4Ports).

User fgeorgy
IB-AC611 (4Ports)

I bought it to connect a audio interface (Steinber...

I bought it to connect a audio interface (Steinberg UR22) and a keyboard to my Macbook Pro. Only the keyboard works through the hub. The audio interface doesn't.
On top of this, when I connect an usb3 external harddisk (WD 1TB), the data transfert speed is about 30% lower than when connected directly to my Mac.
In summary, very disappointed, not recommended.
I also would like an on/off switch, because I don't like my devices to stay powered on when they are not connected to the computer.


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