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  • 850 Pro (512GB, 2.5")
  • 850 Pro (512GB, 2.5")
  • 850 Pro (512GB, 2.5")
Samsung 850 Pro (512GB, 2.5")

Rating on Samsung 850 Pro (512GB, 2.5").

User nikolaosni
850 Pro (512GB, 2.5")

highly recomend

My Acer Aspire V3 771G came with an INTEL SSD 120GB which I already replaced twice in 5 years. This time I decided to go with a bigger capacity and also try the PRO version of the samsung.
Satisfaction cannot describe how I feel. It is a performance shock. Since the 100GB was not enough to have both windows, applicaiton and my files I was using the HD for most of the work. Also my experience with the intel SSD was that the more you use it the faster it breaks.
I have now on the 500GB SSD moved everything Windows, 3rd party applications, my home directory and I even run 4 Virtualbox VMs: pfsense, FreeBSD 11.1 with jails, Windows 10, Nas4Free and the io on the SSD is never above 2%.
The VMs were always crawling but now they run superfast like running directly on the HD without virtualization.
I have only used this drive for a few weeks and I do not know how long it will last but its performance is amazing. It comes with a 10 year warantee so I guess its much better than the 2 year on intel.


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